Our volunteer roles and responsibilities follow.  For questions or inquiries please contact us.

Friendly Visitor – Provide companionship and support for Darien seniors who would like more socialization. This role involves regularly visiting a senior and sharing in activities such as reading aloud, playing games, watching television together, doing puzzles or simply having a conversation. The time commitment is one hour per week, preferably for at least six months.

Friendly Helper – Provide assistance to seniors who need help with small tasks in their home. Chores could include activities such as changing a light bulb or batteries in a smoke detector.

Friendly Shopper – Help homebound seniors with grocery shopping. Volunteer will go to the senior’s home at a mutually agreeable day and time to pick up the grocery list and funds. Volunteer will use their own transportation to go shopping, return with groceries, receipt and any change, and help put groceries away, if needed.

Friendly Driver – Help drive Darien seniors as needed to appointments during hours and/or locations not covered by At Home In Darien’s transportation service. Help seniors safely to and from the car. A clean and valid driver’s license and personal vehicle are needed as well as auto insurance with a minimum coverage of $500,000. This opportunity is for volunteers aged 18 and up.

Friendly Caller – Support a Darien senior with a daily (or weekly) check-in phone call.  Provide a good morning, a friendly hello, a good day greeting and conversation to be assured they are well.

Leaf Rakers – Provide leaf raking to Darien seniors in late Fall.  Volunteers must be physically able to rake and bag leaves and possess a rake.  Timing is flexible and dependent on volunteer’s availability.  Volunteer may participate as an individual or in a group.

Snow Shovelers – Provide shoveling of the public sidewalk of a Darien senior’s home within 24 hours of snowfall.  Volunteers must be physically able to shovel, and possess a shovel and snow gear.  Time varies depending on snowfall frequency.


Volunteer with us! To learn more or apply, please call 203-655-2227 or contact us.