2 RENSHAW ROAD DARIEN, CT 06820 203.655.2227

Our friendly volunteers love to help seniors – home visits, shopping errands, rides, small chores, leaf raking, public sidewalk snow shoveling, and check in calls.

Please contact us, or call 203-655-2227 to request volunteer services.

At Home In Darien has a team of enthusiastic volunteers ready to help Darien seniors! 

Trustworthy and Friendly Volunteers include the following: 

-Drivers who assist with rides outside of our service area or hours, or when you’d like someone to accompany you to an appointment. 

-Visitors who provide support and companionship at home. 

-Shoppers who run errands and grocery shop. 

-Helpers who do small tasks around the home – like change a light bulb or batteries in a smoke detector. 

-Callers who provide a friendly ear and lively conversation. 

-Volunteers who provide seasonal services like public sidewalk snow shoveling or leaf raking.

You are invited to attend At Home In Darien’s Board of Directors’ Virtual Annual Meeting Thursday, December 10th at 11:00am!Learn More
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