Volunteers –  Do you have some free time and would like to get involved in the community? Or do you need a little assistance around the home or doing errands?  

At Home In Darien is here to help.  As part of the national aging in place movement to help seniors stay in their homes and the community as long as possible, At Home In Darien knows that services provided by volunteers are not only helpful but crucial.

What types of volunteer opportunities and services are available?

Friendly Visitor
Friendly Visitors provide companionship and support for isolated Darien seniors who would like more socialization.  Regular home visits are scheduled around activities such as playing a game, reading aloud, or simply engaging in conversation.

Friendly Shopper
Friendly Shoppers do grocery shopping for homebound Darien seniors.  A volunteer will stop by at an agreed upon day and time, pick up the grocery list and payment, and return to the senior’s home with the purchases and any change.

Friendly Caller
Friendly Callers are matched with an older adult who would benefit from regular conversation over the phone. The volunteer and senior are introduced to one another and then establish a regular day and time for a weekly phone call.  Callers will check in with the senior and chat.  A voice on the other end of the phone is often a comfort to house-bound seniors.

Friendly Driver
Friendly Drivers support our professional transportation services by driving to appointments in locations outside our service area or business hours. Volunteers must practice safe driving skills, understand how to assist frail seniors safely to and from the car, and to and from buildings or other destinations.  Volunteers must also possess patience, good listening skills, and respect for older members of our community. They must have a valid driver’s license, their own vehicle, and sufficient automobile insurance coverage (minimum of $500,000 inclusive of liability and umbrella coverage).

Friendly Helper
Friendly Helpers help Darien seniors who need assistance with small tasks in their home.  Volunteers may work alone or with a friend to perform chores that do not require special skills or knowledge – for example, changing a light bulb or battery, emptying outdoor planters or adjusting furniture placement.  Volunteers will receive email requests for help and respond if they are available.  There is no set schedule for Friendly Helpers since the program operates on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Friendly Snow Shoveler
Friendly Snow Shovelers shovel public sidewalks for Darien seniors within 24 hours of snowfall. Volunteers must be physically fit to shovel and bring their own shovel and snow gear.  Time commitment varies depending on snowfall depth and frequency.

Friendly Leaf Raker
Friendly Leaf Rakers are available to assist Darien seniors in late fall.  Volunteers must be physically able to rake and bag leaves and bring their own rake.  Volunteers may participate as an individual or in a group.

We ask that Friendly Shoppers, Visitors, or Callers commit to one hour a week, preferably for at least six months, so that a relationship built on trust and caring can develop.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our office for an application. We ask for references, and will schedule a meeting so we can speak face-to-face.  We want to make sure that our volunteers are trustworthy and reliable and are committed to our organization and its members.  We provide orientation and in-service training as well as on-going supervision and support.

Whether you have a lot of free time or just an occasional free morning or afternoon, we hope you will volunteer.   Our organization and our seniors in town could use your help.  If you are looking for support at home, we hope you will contact At Home In Darien as well.  We will find the perfect volunteer for you!