Taxi Anyone?

We’re excited to bring a Half-price Taxi Voucher Program to Darien!

This new program will give Darien seniors and people with disabilities access to affordable on-demand transportation.  But you’re probably wondering why we’ve added this service because At Home In Darien already provides wonderful transportation – caring, reliable, and handicap accessible – with dedicated professional drivers and friendly volunteers.

Our intent is to give Darien residents transportation options.  As an “aging in place” organization, we know transportation is the number one concern that people have as they age.

We know residents will continue to use At Home In Darien for rides within Darien, Stamford, Norwalk and New Canaan, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.   Our volunteers will also provide rides outside our geographic service area, or when our drivers are unavailable, or even when you might need someone to accompany you to your appointment.  But we also know people have other transportation needs and we want to be able to help fill them.  Using a taxi could be helpful when At Home In Darien is closed (weekends, evenings, and holidays) or when you have last-minute transportation needs.  Having an on-demand ride option is useful.

Although you’ve always been able to call a taxi service (or if you use a smartphone there is Uber and Lyft too), these rides can be expensive.  The Half-price Taxi Voucher Program makes taxi rides more affordable.  For seniors and people with disabilities, taxi rides will cost 50% off regular prices with taxi vouchers purchased from At Home In Darien.

Here’s how the program works…

A booklet of taxi vouchers worth $25.00 (five vouchers worth $5.00 each) can be purchased from At Home In Darien for only $12.50 (cash or check only).  The vouchers can then be used to pay the taxi driver for your fare.  The balance of the fare under $5.00 and tips must be paid for in cash.  Taxi drivers are not permitted to give change for the vouchers.

To purchase the vouchers from At Home In Darien, Darien residents must provide proof of age in the form of a driver’s license, an official ID card, passport, or Social Security statement.  Proof of disability must be provided in the form of a disability statement from Social Security or a verification letter from a Doctor.  Vouchers can only be used by the purchaser.

We’ve partnered with Eveready Taxi.  With over 30 years of dedicated, professional service, they pride themselves on customer satisfaction with prompt, personalized attention, and reliability, comfort and convenience. (Unfortunately, their vehicles are not wheelchair accessible.) Rides are arranged by calling Eveready Taxi directly at 203-655-8779 once you’ve purchased the vouchers.

We are very excited about this program as it will significantly increase the transportation options available to seniors and people with disabilities and allow them to arrange transportation for themselves on-demand, around the clock, 365 days a year!

Call At Home In Darien at 203-655-2227 for more information or stop by our office weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm to purchase your vouchers.  We are located at Town Hall, 2 Renshaw Road.  Use the ramp entrance and you will find our office on the right just inside the glass doors before you get to the gymnasium. Hope to see you soon!