Darien is a special town with a strong sense of community and civic pride. In addition to offering one of the country’s top school systems, the coastal town features a range of beautiful parks, museums, and historical landmarks. However, the strength of the town – and its commitment to all citizens – is perhaps best exemplified by the special support provided by a diverse list of local non-profit and town organizations. This list is long, but two noteworthy groups that maintain a laser focus on some of Darien residents’ critical needs include the town’s Department of Human Services and the Department Senior Programs at Mather Center.

Department of Human Services

Located within Darien Town Hall, the caring and dedicated members of this group is focused purely on the well-being of Darien residents. Whether it’s providing counseling or reviewing eligibility requirements for special programs, Director Ali Ramsteck and her team continually demonstrate both sensitivity and kindness to ensure positive outcomes wherever possible. This group provides a variety of special services such as assistance with mental health issues, crisis intervention support, and issues involving domestic violence and substance abuse. All conversations and client information remain strictly confidential, so residents can rest assured that private discussions and corresponding activity is protected. Just a few examples of areas where this department can help, include:

  • Rising Energy Costs – providing direction regarding the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program and potential funding support for home heating costs for eligible families
  • Household Supply Closet – offering eligible residents free access to critical household items such as cleaning supplies, paper goods and personal grooming and hygiene products
  • Emergency Financial Assistance – providing access to funding for eligible seniors and individuals with disabilities
  • Loan Closet – offering free, short term loans for different types of medical equipment like walkers, crutches, and even wheelchairs

For additional information and details regarding the Department of Human Services and the valuable services they provide, please call (203) 656-7328.

Department Senior Programs at Mather Center

Darien continues to distinguish itself in a number of ways, including the services and support offered to senior citizens. At the top of the list are the activities and services offered by the Senior Programs, managed by Gerontologist and Director Beth Paris. The Mather Center continues to receive wide praise as one of the best senior centers in Connecticut, with a robust list of ongoing activities that include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Varied Exercise Classes
  • Academic Lectures
  • Creative Art & Craft Classes
  • Mahjong/Cribbage
  • Woodshop Repair

In addition, there are special monthly and periodic programs such as movement & meditation, AARP driving course, Health & Wellness lectures by area Healthcare Professionals, and a series of services offered by area universities.

And did we talk about the lunches?

The Mather Center Café opens daily at 9:00 a.m. for coffee and 11:45 a.m. for lunch, with delicious lunches being served promptly at 12:00 noon. Chef Judi consistently creates delicious and nutritious lunches with a cost of only $5.00! Space is limited so reservations are recommended a week in advance, by calling Darien Senior Programs Monday through Wednesday between 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. The lunch menu can be found on the center’s website at www.darienct.gov or at the information desk inside of the center. For any questions about the center or for more information, please call (203) 656-7490.

Darien’s Department of Human Services and the Darien Senior Programs are two examples of the type of special services and people that are available to meet the needs of Darien residents. And of course, if you are a senior and you need a ride to visit the Mather Center or to meet with the team within the Department of Human Services, give At Home In Darien a call at (203) 655-2227 and we will pick you up and get you there and then we will take you home!