We would like to share information from the Office of the Attorney General of Connecticut which we hope you will find useful.

Attorney General William Tong, Aging and Disabilities Commissioner Amy Porter, Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull, and the Coalition for Elder Justice in Connecticut launched the Elder Justice Hotline – a “one stop shop” for older in adults in Connecticut in need of information, aid, and justice.

Elder justice issues can range from age-based discrimination in the workplace to scams and frauds, elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. As a result, no one state agency can answer every question. The Consumer Assistance Unit of the Office of the Attorney General will staff the hotline and refer matters as appropriate to agencies across state government.

The hotline can be reached at 1-860-808-5555. Individuals may also access information about the hotline, resources, and an online complaint portal here: https://portal.ct.gov/ag/elderhotline

“If you have been the victim of a scam, or have been neglected, exploited or abused, we are here to help. It’s hard sometimes to know who to call, so we want to make it easy. The Elder Justice Hotline can answer your questions, connect you with trained investigators, and help you access aid, support and justice,” said Attorney General Tong.

The hotline will make it easier for older adults and their families to make connections that support their independence with dignity and respect. The hotline will help law enforcement, as well as family and friends, protect our most targeted and vulnerable population.

The Coalition for Elder Justice in Connecticut is a multi-disciplinary, statewide group of private and public stakeholders working together to prevent elder abuse and protect the rights, independence, security, and well-being of vulnerable elders.

Reports of suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation received through the Hotline will be referred to the Protective Services for the Elderly program of the Department of Social Services. DSS social workers investigate reports of elder maltreatment and neglect (including self-neglect) and intervene with services and connections to community partners.

The Office of the Attorney General and the Coalition for Elder Justice in Connecticut have partnered with the following state agencies and organizations to support the hotline:

  • CT Department of Banking
  • CT Department of Consumer Protection
  • CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • CT Department of Public Health
  • CT Department of Social Services – Protective Services for the Elderly
  • CT Long-Term Care Ombudsman
  • CT Police Training Academy
  • CT Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
  • State Unit on Aging, Department of Aging and Disability Services

Please see the Elder Justice Hotline flyer here.

Please keep in mind that Darien residents may also contact Darien Human Services with concerns regarding themselves or loved ones at 203-656-7328.