For some people, receiving ARRP’s initial “welcome” letter can be a mildly painful experience and one of the first signs that you are getting a little older. For most people, however, it is a potential gateway into a broad network of services and support.

AARP remains centrally focused on helping people optimize their quality of life as they age. The organization champions positive social change and brings value to its members through a combination of service, advocacy, and information that is designed to improve the communities around us. AARP continually solicits and incorporates input from its members for a range of issues impacting seniors, while also conducting ongoing research to identify how the organization can continually enhance its products and services.  But while age 50 remains a benchmark for AARP, there are additional efforts to reach specific seniors via unique content and programs. One such program, designed for adults 60+, is AARP’s Senior Planet.

What is Senior Planet and why is it noteworthy?

AARP’s Senior Planet is a community of adults 60+, designed for people who are adapting to the new digital age. Senior Planet connects seniors via free online classes, videos, activities, and articles that help seniors develop new life skills, exercise from home, and much more. Over 60 classes are provided online each week via Zoom, with a few examples including:

Morning Stretch – Start the morning with stretching and breathing exercises that will help reduce potential stress and anxiety. Perform simple stretches and breathing to start the day off right!

Chair Yoga – Features different poses and breath awareness exercises, and offers verbal guidance to enable better mind and body connection and alignment.

Tai Chi – Chinese martial art focused on self-defense and health. Slow, intentional movements have been described as meditation in motion. The class will help participants with strength, balance, and flexibility.

But the free classes are not limited purely to exercise. The world around us is ever-changing and seniors can be particularly challenged keeping up with new, pervasive technology. Consider visiting Senior Planet to experience classes such as:

Introduction to A.I. – Seems like everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” these days. This class will provide background and details about artificial intelligence and how it is being used today and how it will increasingly impact our lives.

Ride Sharing Apps – No, not the appetizer type of “apps”, but today’s most popular online ride sharing applications. This class will educate participants on companies such as Uber and Lyft, and will provide important information and guidance on both benefits and challenges.

AARP remains a trusted and important organization focused on improving the lives of seniors. Join an active community of fellow life-long learners and visit Senior Planet online at to explore the wide variety of customized programs and content.